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Workplace mediation

…so that people work well together

If collaboration works well . . .

  • there is a comfortable, trusting environment
  • difficult issues can be addressed and dealt with
  • a productive and efficient working style is supported
  • more new ideas are being born
  • the atmosphere positively impacts customer relationships

If conflicts strain the working climate . . .

  • people are reluctant to go to work
  • the atmosphere is charged with tension
  • one word is enough to spark a controversy
  • relationships to customers and supplies are at risk

TRIALOGIS Mediation – creating solutions together

Mediation means jointly looking for solutions under external guidance. When direct talks are going nowhere, a  solution can often be found through mediation. Additional benefits of mediation are the savings of money and time.

The interests of all parties involved as well as the objectives of the organization flow into the solution finding process. We take over the responsibility for a smooth flow of the process and for moderating the dialogue. All parties can therefore stay focused on their concerns. This leads to solutions that are accepted and implemented by everyone.