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Practical examples

Case Study Mediation

Conflict between doctors in a hospital

Initial Situation: In a hospital a fierce conflict existed between two doctors over a joint research project. It involved both, reputation as well as lucrative contracts from pharmaceutical companies. One doctor felt exploited and cheated out of her success by the other.

Implementation: During a mediation process the misunderstandings could be cleared and mutual expectations were reviewed. Different ways of approaching research projects as well as main areas of personal interests were discussed. The personal conflict between the two, which had its roots in an earlier disappointment in their friendship, could be discussed and resolved.

Result: Clarification of the conflict eased the working relationship between the two colleagues. Agreements for their future cooperation were reached. Finally, a joint project was launched in which both were able to effectively apply their different skills.

Duration: 5 sessions at 2 hours each, 1 final session with the medical director.

Case Study Open Training

Concerns: Participants of previous introductory seminars on mediation expressed their concerns about conflicts between colleagues and supervisors within their organization. They were not personally involved and had no option to intervene. They asked for support in dealing with this situation that made them feel helpless.

Result: Trialogis was commissioned to develop a new seminar focusing on the following areas:

  • Systemic Analysis of Conflict Situations
  • Self-awareness (Personal Conflict Experience)
  • Emotional Management
  • Boundary-setting Techniques
  • Strategy Development
  • Individual Coaching

This seminar has already been offered a number of times in response to great demand. Participants report a noticeable improvement in their ability to cope with external conflict situations, in particular by changing their own attitudes and concerns.