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… so that I can relax on the weekend

“... so that I can relax on the weekend"

When I feel good ...

  • I know that my work is done
  • I have planned my next steps
  • I am in control over my time management
  • I have taken all alternatives into consideration and made a good decision
  • I feel at ease

When everything grows over my head ...

  • I am so stressed out I don’t know where to start
  • I feel tired and burned out
  • I don’t know what decision to make
  • a lot of works remains unfinished at the end of the week

TRIALOGIS Coaching - for a better use of my resources

Most of the time affected people carry the solution within them but don’t recognize it. With our working style and diverse methods we encourage new perspectives. We provide assistance for developing alternative solutions and for reviewing their feasibility.