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About us


In 2007, after one year of preparation, Trialogis was registered as a consulting company by founding members Gerhart Conrad Fürst , Gudrun Janach-Wolf, Stephan Proksch, and Barbara Wurz. During several years prior to that the founders had gained good experience working together in diverse thematic fields and team settings. Platforms for this were mainly provided by the predecessor organizations Working Group Business Mediation and Optionenraum. At the end of 2008 Gudrun Janach-Wolf left the company as partner but remained in our network for a couple of years more. At the beginning of 2015 Nina Schiestl became partner after several years of intensive cooperation.


The broad spectrum of our previous jobs (organizational developer, lawyer, psychologist, economic and social scientist) together with the specializations of our network partners allow a tailor-made approach for our clients in all consultancy areas offered by us.

TRIALOGIS Corporate Purpose

With our expertise we aim to make a valuable contribution to the development of a cooperative society. Our work is based on high standards that we set for ourselves with regards to

  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  •  Professionalism
  • Customer benefits